ALLEGRO Private Lessons

ALLEGRO: I prefer a comfortable walking pace-I want to have a program that can help me keep the steady momentum going to progress toward my goals, without overwhelming me.

Two (45 min) Lessons A Month, Recurring subscription, cancel at any time.


A Personalized Program of Learning and Support

Support and guidance with humor and understanding, drawing on a broad palette of ideas and examples to help you grasp and internalize the concepts.

Assistance in Defining Your Goals

The Results YOU Want

Access to Additional learning tools and support.


1.  Face-to-face lesson slot (Via Zoom twice a month)

2. Recordings (Audio or Video) of you playing in your lessons to help you develop your self-assessment skills and tools.

3.  Arrangements of the music you would like to play, as requested.

4.  Regular Assessment of your Progress and adjustments to your learning plan.

5.  Periodic Performance Opportunities to share the music that you are working on, as well as a chance to be “done” with a piece of music and move on!  

6. DIY Membership in with access to all the filmed lessons.

Steve Eulberg
45 minutes
$150.00 and up
Times shown in