God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
By Steve Eulberg for Hammered Dulcimer Players

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VideoAbout the Lessons

1. Introduction &
Melody in D minor
This is a wonderful Christmas tune in a minor mode. In this video, Steve shows us where to find the D minor scale and plays the melody of our tune in that key.
2. Octaves in D minor This time, Steve plays the melody in D minor, but in a higher octave, and again in a lower octave. On his instrument, he is able to play the melody in three different octave.
3. D minor Chords Steve demonstrates how to play the D minor, the Bb, the G7, the A7, the G minor, the F, and the C chord.
4. Melody in E minor Now Steve plays the melody in E minor, and again - in three different octaves. All the notes needed are available in a straight line, going up and down the bridge. You can also start with the first note on the bass bridge, and then continue across the valley to the right side of the bridge.
5. E minor Chords Steve locates the backup chords in E minor, while singing the chord names along the melody line.
6. Melody in F# minor Steve finds the F# minor melody line by starting on the right side of the treble bridge, 1 string below the mark in the D box, and then crossing over to the left side of the bridge. He also introduces rhythmic displacement.
7. F# minor Chords The most challenging chord to find in this key is the C#7, as you will meed to strike a string on the bass bridge, as well as both sides of the treble bridge.
8. Melody in G minor Steve plays the melody in G minor in the high octave first
9. G minor Chords Here Steve finds all the chords needed to play our tune in the key of G minor.
10. Melody in A minor The last key Steve introduces is the key of A minor. When he plays the melody in the low octave, he is able to play straight up and down the bass bridge. When he plays an octave higher, starting on the A in the G box, he crosses the treble bridge for two of the notes.
11. A minor Chords Again, Steve locates and identifies all the chords needed to play this in the key of A minor.
12. Review the Scales This video is my personal favorite, because Steve runs through all the scales, all possible layouts, within one video. Some of you might think the hammered dulcimer is limited regarding possible keys in which you can play (usually D or G). But in this lesson, Steve proves how versitile the hammered dulcimer can actually be. He encourages us to experiment, and find new keys and new rhythms.

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