Summer 2022

6 Week Classes Beginning July 11

Focusing on:

Hammered Dulcimer,


Mountain Dulcimer

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A step-by-step over 6-weeks progressive approach

with personalized attention yields the "stickiest" learning.

Students receive Live Zoom Class, PDF handouts, .mp3 files for priming the pump and reinforcement, archive videos of classes each week.

Galax and More: Playing Noter Style on Mountain Dulcimer

Mondays 11 am MDT

We'll focus on the Noter (the "what" hand) and the Pick or Quill (the "when" hand) and play tunes in the tunings that let them sing! DAA, DAd, DAC, DAG, dddd, DGd EAD

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Mondays 4 pm MDT

Playing Slide-style on a resonator dulcimer with raised strings.  (Contact Steve if you need a "nut-raiser")  Tunings included:  D-F#-A-d, D-G-B-d (from Bass to treble)

Class includes a digital copy of the Book/CD.  Choose "add a book" if you'd like a physical copy as well.

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I Celebrate Life!

Tuesdays 10 am MDT

"Steve's Magnum Opus" --Neal Walters, DPN Review

 For both Mountain and Hammered Dulcimers, this class will learn 12 of Steve's original tunes from his 2005 Book/CD.

Class includes a digital copy of the Book/CD.  Choose "add a book" if you'd like a physical copy as well.

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Hammered Dulcimer Joy
Tuesdays 12 pm MDT 


Using Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" theme I've created 30 different exercises to help strengthen and develop our accuracy, hand independence and facility.

At the same time we are exploring some arranging options for our future playing on other tunes.

We'll work through ALL 30 in this class.

Class includes a digital copy of the Book/CD.  Choose "add a book" if you'd like a physical copy as well.

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Using Classic Rock Licks to unlock & understand Mountain Dulcimer

Wednesdays 11 am MDT

The diatonic fretboard layout makes a perfect tool for playing many Classic Rock and Roll tunes; these tunes also provide a way to better understand the mountain dulcimer!

Hand-outs will be published provided.

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Here are some Demo videos for the classes

Galax: Playing Noter Style



Steve and Erin Mae Play a Rest-Stop Pop-Up Concert in Ohio

Hammered Dulcimer Joy


I Celebrate Life!
Mountain. & Hammered Dulcimer Versions

Classic Rock Licks to understand

diatonic mountain dulcimer



You can choose a payment plan that best fits your financial situation.

If you'd like to sign up for more than one class, please complete each purchase separately.

Each class comes with digital pdfs of the handouts and sound sample files, but you can purchase a physical copy of the book/CD for the classes which offer them.

Steve Eulberg has nearly 50 years of experience

discovering, playing and teaching guitar, dulcibro, mountain and hammered dulcimers.  He earned a Master of Music Education from Boston University with a goal of teaching traditional music on traditional instruments.



The traditional way of learning is...

knee to knee or in our case, screen to screen. 

Students will receive .mp3 sound files to listen before class to the tunes we'll be learning, together with the reinforcement of written tablature. 

Finally, a video archive of each week's session is provided to students as well.

The Dulcimer Community is welcoming....

This course gives you the skills to enter into jam sessions of traditional music and strum along with enthusiasm and joy!

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  • Dulcimer Crossing

    “You provide a level of instruction through your music selection and style which I find encourages me to work on improving my playing. Different from many of the other instructors.”

  • Dulcimer Crossing

    “Truly inspiring, and face it, it's pretty hard to inspire someone to want to practice, lol.”

  • Dulcimer Crossing

    “Steve Eulberg's workshop started my musical journey with techniques using my right hand to play the mountain dulcimer. His class was fun and interesting!”

  • Dulcimer Crossing

    “Steve's enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge and effective teaching style make all of his classes very enjoyable and worthwhile.”

  • Dulcimer Crossing

    “Don’t be afraid to try any type of music you love on the mountain dulcimer . It’s more versatile than most expect - if in doubt - ask Steve. He’s a guru in this field”

  • Dulcimer Crossing

    “Steve is a wonderful Instructor - welcomes questions and takes the time to answer in a manner that everyone can use to better their playing experience.”

  • Dulcimer Crossing

    “Steve is a master musician and a master teacher who teaches the basics but also challenges even advanced players. He is patient and encouraging and approaches music with a great sense of humor.”

  • Dulcimer Crossing

    “Excellent teacher -- talks on the student's level and is so darned likeable!”

  • Dulcimer Crossing

    “Your style of teaching is very easy to follow and well explained.”

    QDF 7.0 Student