Another Jig Will Do (Guitar)

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Another Jig Will Do (Guitar)

A collection of tunes including Airs, Ballads, Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Strathspeys and Waltzes, together with resources for playing in the Celtic Tradition. 

Arranged for guitars in standard, Dropped D, Double D, DADGAD and Open G Tunings. 

Available as an interactive PDF with .m3 files

or Physical Book/CD 115 pp. Spiral bound to open flat.

or a COMBO of both!

Tune List:

AIRS: After the Battle of Aughrim (Standard tuning, Dropped D and with Capo 5)

BALLADS: Will Ye No' Come Back Again?  (Standard, DADGAD)

The Ash Grove (Standard)

Air Falalalo (Standard, DADGAD, Dropped D)

Greensleeves (Standard in Aeolian, Dorian and Harmonic Minor; and with Short-Cut Capo Esus position)

Waly, Waly (Standard and Dropped D)

JIGS: Road to Lisdoonvarna (Standard and with ornaments)

Irish Washerwoman (Standard and Open G: DBDGBD)

Kesh Jig (Strumming, Standard and Open G: DBDGBD)

Swallowtail Jig (Standard, regular chords strumming; alternate chords strumming, melody with articulations)

Rakes of Kildare: (Standard strumming, 2 octaves melody)

Garry Owen (Standard, Dropped D)

Lilting Banshee (Standard)

Casper's Celtic Dream (Standard)

Another Jig Will Do (Standard, DADGAD)

Rocky Road to Dublin (Standard with articulations, Closed position scale

HORNPIPES: Rickett's Hornpipe (Standard in 2 octaves; Dropped D tuning)

Sailor's Hornpipe (Standard in 2 octaves and fingerstyle arrangement)

Harvest Home (Standard and DADGAD)

Rights of Man (Dropped D)

SLIDES: Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife (Standard, Open G: DGDGBD)

O'Keefe's Slide (Standard and with ornaments

REELS: Sally in the Garden (Standard)

Glass Island Reel (Standard)

Rakes of Mallow (Standard, Dropped D, DADGAD)

Red-Haired Boy (Standard)

STRATHSPEYS: Brachanloam in G (Standard and in Open G: DGDGBD, DADGAD in D)

Braes of Tulliemet (Standard, Double D Tuning)

WALTZES:  Southwind (Standard, DADGAD 2 octaves)

SLANE (Standard, DADGAD)


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