Terms and conditions

For Stand-Alone Courses
If I buy a stand-alone, ala carte course, I have 7 days to get a full refund. After those 7 days, the purchase remains.

For Membership Subscriptions
If I am not completely satisfied with my subscription, I can cancel it at anytime.  If I cancel within the first 7 days, I'll receive a 100% refund.  If I'm a monthly subscriber and 7 days pass, I'm not eligible for a refund (for that initial month) but I can cancel my subscription's renewal; I'll still have access to the content for the remainder of the month and won't be charged again.

After the first 7 days, the downloadable resources for the courses become available.

Downloadable Resources

The downloadable resources are provided to the subscriber and those of his/her/their household.  They are intended to serve as my learning resources, especially when I am not not connected to the internet, or wish to use them for my practice on my tablet, computer or phone.  The printed resources are not intended for me to share with my club members or friends, or to give workshops myself.

If I wish to request reprinting permission, I will make this request at least 14 days before my desired use of the material.

I understand that I MAY use the Backing Tracks for playing live with friends, family or my club, but I may NOT make copies of them for sharing without requesting and receiving written permission at least 14 days before my desired use of the material.


You may Unrenew your subscription at any time and while it will not be rebilled on your billing date, you will continue to have access to the website until your former billing date is reached.  If you would like to cancel immediately, write us at steve@dulcimercrossing.com and you can end your subscription immediately, with no rebilling and no more access to the site.


You may request a refund within the first 7 days of your membership.  The issuing of the refund will forfeit your access to the content on the site.  Any refund for a physical product will exclude the actual shipping costs incurred.


Physical Products will be shipped in the USA and Canada as soon as possible after the order is received, by the method described on the order form.  Shipping overseas will be completed after payment for the shipping costs has been received and cleared.


Returns of physical products will not be accepted.