Tina Bergmann Live Workshop

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Tina Bergmann Live Workshop

DulcimerCrossing Live Workshop: Tina Bergmann

Thursday, Jan 25th, 5 pm MDT

One hour workshop beginning at: 4 pm PST - 6 pm CST - 7 pm EST

Rhythmic Tomfoolery and Dulcimer Reel

If you'd like your playing to be more rhythmically grounded, or conversely you'd like to be more rhythmically free, this workshop will tick all the boxes. In the first part of the workshop you'll be challenged by a series of hands-on exercises, and in the second part we'll put them to use in the Paul Van Arsdale tune, Dulcimer Reel. You'll hear and learn to feel the differences between on and off beat accents in 4/4, plus a 6/8 feel which brings this tune roaring to life!

A hammered dulcimer-focused workshop

DulcimerCrossing Workshop & Mentorship Level Subscribers have access to this Live Event and its archive video.

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