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Upcoming Live Workshops

Susan Trump

Thursday, in June 20th  5 pm MDT (1 hr) 

        “Bluegrassy” Fingerpicking for Dulcimer or Banjammer

Apply the “bum-diddy” rhythm to a few simple fingerpicking patterns, to create a sound reminiscent of an Old Time or Bluegrass banjo. This technique can be fast for fiddle tunes, or slow and sweet for an early country sound. We’ll learn the technique and one of each and you’ll be hooked! DAd tuning

A Mountain dulcimer-focused workshop

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Mickey Sweeney

Thursday, July 11, 5 pm MDT (1 hr)

Get the Most Out of Your Practice Time

Short on time to practice, or want to get the most out of the minutes (hours) you put into your instrument? This class will teach you ways to maximize your results and eliminate wasted minutes. I have consolidated 60 years of personal experience learning different tactics for practicing into a handful of guidelines designed to save you time and frustration. Master your music with efficiency, and then, on to the next piece!

A Hammered dulcimer-focused workshop

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Nina Zanetti

Thursday, Aug 1st, 5 pm MDT (1 hr)


Practical Practice

“My Two Favorite Practice Tips”   ( shhhh, don’t tell anyone – they are (1) practicing in “rhythms”, and (2) using the “Power Pause”)

A Mountain dulcimer-focused workshop

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Upcoming DAY-LONG Workshops

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Chromatic Dulcimer Day
Aug 10th, 2024

A Single-day chromatic mountain dulcimer festival 

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