Live Events at DulcimerCrossing


Live Events at DulcimerCrossing


by Steve Eulberg

Live Events Schedule

While the main focus of DulcimerCrossing has been to provide filmed video lessons that are accessible according to YOUR schedule, we also recognize the limitation of learning when we aren't able to ask questions of the instructor.  To address this, we have created and curate several regular Live Events at DulcimerCrossing.

Wednesday LiveStream


Each Wednesday at 9 am MDT we host a 30 minute Livestream on our Facebook P…

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Winning at Winfield


The Value of Contests


by Steve Eulberg

Defining what “winning” means to you.

For some people the notion of combining “competition” and “dulcimer” is oxymoronic.  They just don’t go together!  I see music competitions as an opportunity to prepare some music to share with appreciative listeners.  (Where else can you buy such an attentive audience for $.05 a head?) ($10 entry fee/200 people)  The process of preparing tunes for this kind of presentation is an intensive artistic endeavor!

I’ve …

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The Gold Standard Dulcimer


Dulcimer players often joke about having DAD — Dulcimer Acquisition Disorder.

It’s true that most of us have more than one dulcimer, and some people have large collections of instruments. We can become addicted to “just one more instrument”. I, personally, have a relatively small collection, with “just” 5 mountain dulcimers (though, I have to admit that I also keep about a dozen student dulcimers and seem to have a revolving door of instruments passing through my home to pass onto young people …

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It Only Takes a Spark

by Linda Ratcliff

The first instrument I learned to play besides the piano was the guitar. I attended a Catholic church at the time, and had played the organ for years at our church. But a couple of nuns wanted to bring the worship music up to date, and they introduced playing guitars at church (but NO drums yet). What a concept!!!

I got a new guitar, an Alvarez, and learned some basic chords. I was on fire … practicing until my sore fingertips could take no more. When I could play in about …

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Deep Dive


Deep Dive


by Mitch Gallagher, editor of SweetNotes from

I'm going to make an assumption:

In one regard, at least, you're like me; you love music—playing it, listening to it, writing it, learning about it.

It's on your mind all the time.

Doesn't matter what music, as long as it's good (I know, subjective word), I love it—or at least appreciate it!

And again, if you're like me, therein lies a problem.

There's so much music, so much to learn, so much to practice—it's easy to…

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Did You Know?


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Sit Up Straight!

In our blog and newsletters, I have mentioned more than once the health benefits of playing an instrument. There is mounting proof that those who play or listen to music have healthier immune systems, better able to ward against cold, flues, and viruses. In addition, playing an instrument is good for the brain, a natural chill pill, and increases memory and concentration.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever addressed the physical challenges that may arise from playing your dulcimer. Playing an i…

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Pigeonholes are for PIGEONS!

by Linda Ratcliff

The first year I learned to play the dulcimer, I primarily focused on fiddle tunes, you know, the tunes we all have learned to play at jam sessions. They get your toe a-tapping and your hands a-strumming. Then I stretched my imagination to work up arrangements that I could play as solos in church, during Communion or the Offertory.  And I learned to play backup at church on the dulcimer, basically playing the same chords as the rhythm guitar players.   And that was IT.  I wa…

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Play EVERYwhere!

Play EVERYwhere! I saw this photo of my partner Steve Eulberg, recently sitting on the sidewalk playing on his dulcimer and singing with Erin Mae Lewis. I have also seen a photo of Steve playing on the beach. It seems he enjoys playing everywhere, for sure. And so should we!

Photos like these reminded me of the text from Green Eggs & Ham by Dr. Seuss. If we changed the words just a bit, we might say …

Say! I like to play my dulcimer
I do! I like to play, Gulliver!
I would play it in a b…

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Returning to Jam: New Survival Tips


Returning to Jam!

Survival Tips from DJ Hamouris, our Baritone and Standard Mountain Dulcimer Instructor

by Deborah (DJ) Hamouris

After such a long social isolation, I was excited to join nightly jams at an in-person dulcimer camp this summer!

What I had *not* counted on was how much it would hurt to continuously strum for a couple of hours. Though I teach & play a lot, most of what I do is less strumming & more picking.

DJ fingerpickingBaritoneOverhead

But my advancing arthritis in fingers & hands changed how I felt abo…

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