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Upcoming Live Workshops

Kevin Roth

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 5 pm MST (1 hr)


         I am the creator of "Dulcimeditation" which uses the dulcimer to de-stress, gain clarity in life, and find more joy.
         This, along with my self-evaluation system helps create a life you truly love.
        I will be demonstrating and discussing my work during the hour. I strongly urge everyone to read the coaching and musical testimonials about my work before attending the event.

A Mountain dulcimer-focused workshop

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Guy George

Thursday, in March 21st  5 pm MST (1 hr)


Gospel Hammered Dulcimer 

         Get that Gospel Feeling on Hammered Dulcimer, with bass notes, rhythms, and intervals which we’ll use to create arrangements for some classic Gospel tunes.We’ll learn back-up parts for singing accompaniment as well!

A Hammered dulcimer-focused workshop

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Laurie Alsobrook

Thursday, April 18, 5 pm MST (1 hr)

Jean Ritchie: In Song and Story

Inspired by Jean Ritchie’s book “Singing Family of the Cumberlands,” this workshop offers recollections that transport us to another era. Consider these songs front porch favorites as you imagine a family gathering at the end of the day to recount the day’s activities and to bring in the twilight. Several tunings will be presented, including DAd, DAA, and DAC.

A Mountain dulcimer-focused workshop

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Upcoming DAY-LONG Workshops

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4 Equidistant String Day
March 2, 2024

A Single-day mountain dulcimer festival featuring:

Stephen Seifert, Heidi Muller, Neal Hellman, Hunter Walker, Jonathan Schultes and Mark Tindle

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6:45 pm CST

Chromatic Dulcimer Day
Aug 10th, 2024

A Single-day chromatic mountain dulcimer festival 

Details are being worked out!

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