String-Side Up/Absolute Beginner Lesson Series

by Steve Eulberg Congratulations!  You've got a dulcimer and now you're ready to play it.  And we've got a brand-new series of lessons to help you successfully meet that goal.  

This String-Side Up/Absolute Beginner Hammered Dulcimer and String-Side Up/Absolute Beginner Mountain Dulcimer lessons on is designed to take you from square one in a step-by-step fashion, through sequential lessons designed to answer your questions, demonstrate and encourage best practices and get you playing music quickly. Best of all, because you'll understand what you are doing, you can transfer that knowledge and these skills to the other music you want to play in no time! "String-side up" means we start from the very beginning in focused lessons for both mountain and hammered dulcimers, answering all the questions that our beginning students have asked us over the years. If you have further questions that we've missed, please contact us with those questions so we can address them!



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