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The point of the Courses, Modules and Lessons in DulcimerCrossing is that you can go through them at your own speed, at your own convenience.

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In Memoriam

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by Steve Eulberg

This is a first.

We learned of the passing of Dan Delancey, the husband and guitar accompanist of our instructor, Linda Thomas at the time of his internment service in Missouri on All Saints Day this week.

He was, hands down, my favorite bluegrass guitarist.  He was also a master of backing up other instrumentalists, specifically his hammered dulcimer playing partner, Linda Thomas.  I even got to sit in on one of his flatpicking workshops at the Jackson County Community Colle…

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Did You Know?


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Introducing Carmen Amrein a new Teacher at DulcimerCrossing.


Our newest Teacher to join the faculty of DulcimerCrossing is Carmen Amrein who lives in Munich, Germany.  

Carmen was able to study the playing of the German Hackbrett, the 5th-tuned German Hackbrett (in flat keys to accompany accordions and folk music, and the Italian Salterio at the University in Munich.  She and other graduate have put together the annual Hackbrett Festival (the 3rd version of that festival is coming up in May.)

We are excited that she offered a Live Workshop for us in Mar…

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DulcimerCrossing Teachers at the QuaranTUNE 6 in February


Registration for the 6th QuaranTUNE Dulcimer festival (Feb 306, 2022) opened last night. DulcimerCrossing is pleased to be a festival sponsor, once again, and even more pleased that several of our instructors are teaching workshops there:

Aubrey Atwater (Mountain Dulcimer)

Carmen Amrein *NEW (Hammered Dulcimer)

Elaine & Larry Conger (Bass and Standard Mountain Dulcimer)

Matthew Dickerson (Hammered Dulcimer)

Steve Eulberg (Mountain and Hammered Dulcimer)

Deborah DJ Hamouris (Standard and Ba…

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Gratitude for our Legacy Site at



Wow.  Linda and I have been working on creating, maintaining, publicizing and updating the resource of DulcimerCrossing since 2009.

After a year-long soft-launch in 2010, we opened up the gates in 2011.

One year, on July 1st, we woke up to discover that because Adobe (who created Flash Technology) and Apple (who created the Safari Browser) were having a squabble, none of the lessons on our website were working! 

We had spent a good deal of time adding all of our filmed lessons to a video pl…

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NGFDA hosts DulcimerCrossing Teachers at their Fall Festival in November!

NGFDAFall2021Logo is honored to be a sponsor for NGFDA Fall Festival which happens online Nov. 18-20 this year.

We have a long history of providing sponsorship and scholarship support to festivals across the country because we know that there is no substitute for in-person learning.

We are also excited that several of our teachers are providing workshops for this festival!

Erin Mae Lewis

Butch Ross

Nina Zanetti

Karen Mueller

DJ Hamouris

Larry and Elaine Conger

Aubrey Atwater, and


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