Two New Dulcimer Events Planned for 2024!


Mark Your Calendar for 2 Live Zoom day-long Workshops in early 2024.

by Steve Eulberg

Blues on Mountain Dulcimer, all day, Saturday, January 6, 2024

featuring: Bing Futch, Molly McCormack, Deborah DJ Hamouris, Steve Eulberg and more.


4 Equidistant Dulcimer Day, all day, Saturday, March 2, 2024

featuring: Stephen Seifert, Heidi Muller, Neal Hellman, Hunter Walker and more.


More details to follow.


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Holiday Tune Lessons


by Steve Eulberg

To help get you into the spirit and to further equip your musicianship, we have several lessons for playing Christmas Holiday tunes on both kinds of dulcimers in several different tunings!

Remember that All Members (DIY, WORKSHOP & MENTOR) have access to ALL the lessons ALL the time! Join Here

Angels We Have Heard On High (Mountain & Hammered) DAA, DAd tunings Key of D Steve Eulberg

Breaking Up Christmas (Mountain) Keys of A and D Tunings: AEa, EAA, DAd…

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Got a New Mountain Dulcimer for Christmas?

We have just the thing to help you play it! The String-Side Up Lesson Series is for Absolute Beginning mountain dulcimer players and assumes you have no prior experience with dulcimers.  This 31-episode series starts with the parts of the dulcimer, takes you through what is happening with your right and left hands, including strumming, picking (right hand), fingering or using a noter (left hand), playing chords, noodling for harmonies, learning tunes, playing in a linear fashion (up and down the…

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