Part 2 of Bluegrass Series

by Linda Ratcliff Bluegrass has brought more people together and made more friends than any music in the world. - Bill Monroe NEW: Part 2 of our Bluegrass Series

What makes a tune or a song “bluegrass” anyway? Well, if you ask five bluegrass players, you'll most likely get five different answers. Bluegrass music is usually performed by a group with a guitar, an upright bass, a mandolin, a fiddle, and a banjo, and features “high lonesome” three-part singing. Since most of early bluegrass musicia…

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My Grass Is Blue

by Linda Ratcliff
Steve is introducing a new series of lessons at Dulcimer Crossing -

How to Play Bluegrass on the Dulcimer.  

I've gone camping to attend bluegrass festivals, and in the evening - all the musicians like to gather around the campfire and jam.  

But, I have to be honest, my hammered dulcimer has been less than welcome at jams.  

People look at me with suspicion until they've heard my backup style.  In this series of lessons,

Steve demonstrates ho…

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