Playing Blues on Dulcimer

Someone once told me that I couldn't play blues on the dulcimer.  "The dulcimer is too pretty for the blues."  I disagree. If you can have the blues, you can play the blues on whatever you want! Look at these introductions to playing blues on hammered and mountain dulcimer and dulci-bro.

Mountain Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer


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Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer--The Dark Side?

The debate rages between:

"traditionalists" who argue for a standard diatonic dulcimer ("I don't want no extra frets bygummit!");

"neo-traditionalists" who argue for a modified diatonic dulcimer with a 6+ fret ("well it is pretty standard these days");

"practical-neo-traditionalists" who are supporters of multi-modified diatonic dulcimer with 6+ AND 1+ frets; ("but I NEED that extra fret to play C and F chords!")

"people on the DARK side" who are supporters of entirely chromatic mountain dulcimers. …

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