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DulcimerCrossing Features Update


The point of the Courses, Modules and Lessons in DulcimerCrossing is that you can go through them at your own speed, at your own convenience.

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Jam Tracks added to the Backing Tracks Library


by Steve Eulberg

Jam Tracks added to the Backing Tracks Library

There have been several updates that we've been making to the Backing Tracks Library in DulcimerCrossing this past year.  In addition to NEW TRACKS, we've added the description of the track so players know whether there is an introduction or not, and how many times the track is repeated.

As I have spent more time in this library, it is clear that several of our tracks are aimed toward LEARNING and others are aimed at JAMMIN…

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New Feature: Liking Lessons, Marking as Favorites

Liking Lessons in Courses NEW FEATURE

New Feature in DulcimerCrossing Lessons

Liking Lessons, Marking as Favorites

Liking Lessons in Courses NEW FEATURE

Once you have like or "favorited" a lesson, it shows up here when you click on your profile in the top right corner when you are logged in. 


We've always had the Progress bar to mark our progress through the Lessons and Modules in different courses in DulcimerCrossing, but a new feature was just released this week:  Students can ALSO MARK FAVORITE LESSONS by clicking on the heart. 

This can help you recall a boo…

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Why Don't I Practice More???


Weren't you totally excited the day you brought home your first dulcimer?  I imagine you practiced 'til your fingertips were sore, or your arms felt like they were falling off from wielding those two hammers.  But then, as days or weeks went by, the time you invested in practicing decreased ... maybe even stopped altogether.  You found excuses to push practice time to the back burner.  I wonder why this has happened to so many of us.  

Well, I have some thoughts about this (of course).  Let's …

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DulcimerCrossing as a Way to Invest in Yourself


by Steve Eulberg

Investing in your own musical growth and development only takes your decisions:

1. To try it

2.  To try it again

3.  To learn how to remember what you've tried

4.  To discover what you DON'T get or don't (yet) understand

5.  To search for the answers to decision #4.

6.  To connect with others who may be a step ahead of you on the path

7.  To connect with others who are well-traveled guides on this path.


ALL of us who teach at DulcimerCrossing have faced and made these…

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How Do You Identify Yourself?


When you introduce yourself, what do you say? In other words, after you tell them your name, what do you say to describe yourself? Most of us identify ourselves according to our occupation. For the past 3 years, I’ve been saying, “I’m Linda Ratcliff, and I'm the sales manager for a senior community.” This has been on my mind lately, because I’m just a few short months away from retiring again, and people are asking what I’m going to do next.

My daughter asked this question yesterday, and I resp…

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What to Do When You Want to Give Up


Remember learning to ride a bike? How many times did you fall off before you got the hang of it? And even after you learned, there were probably occasional mishaps – but I bet you got back on and tried again.

Pursuing diet and fitness goals is a lot like that. From time to time you'll fail. I have. Many times. It takes time to shop for the right food and then cook it, and more time to exercise, and often I can’t (won’t?) make the time. I have a sugar addiction, so I crave sweets all the time. M…

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Did You Know?


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Returning to Jam: New Survival Tips


Returning to Jam!

Survival Tips from DJ Hamouris, our Baritone and Standard Mountain Dulcimer Instructor

by Deborah (DJ) Hamouris

After such a long social isolation, I was excited to join nightly jams at an in-person dulcimer camp this summer!

What I had *not* counted on was how much it would hurt to continuously strum for a couple of hours. Though I teach & play a lot, most of what I do is less strumming & more picking.

DJ fingerpickingBaritoneOverhead

But my advancing arthritis in fingers & hands changed how I felt abo…

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Enhanced Audio Playback Feature


We are excited to announce the enhancement of the Playback feature for all the mp3 files in DulcimerCrossing:  in the Backing Tracks Library and in the Lessons in the Courses.

There has always been the ability to increase the speed of the track, and if you click through the 1x symbol on the playback track it will scroll to faster speeds,

until it scrolls to .5x (or half speed) which was the ONLY slower speed available.  Our request to enhance this feature has been honored and implemented!


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