Live Workshop with Don Pedi: Love Songs from Applachia

Don Pedi crop Square


Don Pedi will be joining us on

Thurs, Feb 10th 5 pm MST

4 pm PST - 6 pm CST - 7 pm EST 

Songs of the Heart

Traditional Songs and Ballads, or as they are called in the mountains "Old Love Songs" pertaining to affairs of the heart.
Romantic songs from Southern Appalachia.
Most with happy endings.

A mountain dulcimer-focused workshop (with hammered dulcimer translation).


DulcimerCrossing Workshop & Mentorship Level Subscribers have access to this Live Event and its archive video.

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Hug Someone with your Dulcimer

by Linda Ratcliff

One day, someone is going to hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will stick back together. - Author Unknown Hug Someone with Your Dulcimer

I used to be an awkward hugger.  Oh yeah ... it looked like a hug from the outside, but  there was nothing real about it.  There were just a few forced pats on your back, a bit of nervous smiling, and I might have been rolling my eyes behind your back.

But then I joined a church that was big on hugging, and I got a LOT of practice. …

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