miles davis

Try to Make ANYthing that happens...

by Steve Eulberg

...into something of Value."

--Herbie Hancock

Jazz Pianist Herbie Hancock tells a story of something that happened when he played

[wpvideo rR2tvMIs]

a "wrong" chord during Miles Davis' solo.

This video is from Herbie's MasterClass.

This is some GOOD advice for more than just jazz music.  It is for ALL music.

And for life.

(Thanks to Lois Hornbostel for sharing this on Facebook!)


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The Perfect Wrong Note

by Linda Ratcliff

If you ever strum the wrong note, or strike the wrong string with your hammers ...  just tell them you were playing the jazz version. - Linda Ratcliff

The Perfect Wrong Note
My 16-year-old grandson plays the saxophone in his band at school, and he was telling me about trying out last week for the school jazz band. All the kids waiting for their turn were troubled by one note in the arrangement - an Eb. They thought if they could just play that note 1/2 step higher, it would sou…

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