What Are All These Numbers in Music?


Here is the handout I promised during today's Live Stream on Facebook. (These happen weekly on Wednesdays at 9 am MST)


Click on the image above to download and save this pdf reference.

Have fun!

(Remember we don't w*o*r*k music, we PLAY music!)

Steve Eulberg

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Chord Wizard Tool

by Steve Eulberg

Have you ever wondered how to find a particular chord you are looking for?  You might be familiar with a couple of fingerings for your favorite chords, but then there is that "weird" one that the music calls for and your musical chord theory is a bit rusty.

This one is for you!  Tom Strothers has created this interactive webpage as tools to help mountain dulcimer players.

Diatonic Chord Wizard This page has an interactive Fret Finder Tool, below which is a tool to find the notes on…

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