dan delancey

In Memoriam

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by Steve Eulberg

This is a first.

We learned of the passing of Dan Delancey, the husband and guitar accompanist of our instructor, Linda Thomas at the time of his internment service in Missouri on All Saints Day this week.

He was, hands down, my favorite bluegrass guitarist.  He was also a master of backing up other instrumentalists, specifically his hammered dulcimer playing partner, Linda Thomas.  I even got to sit in on one of his flatpicking workshops at the Jackson County Community Colle…

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June Apple

Linda Thomas, from Kansas City, teaches this fun modal tune for Hammered Dulcimer Players!

She is accompanied by her favorite guitarist, Dan Delancey.  Together they give a fine demonstration of the fun that a mixolydian tune can be on the dulcimer.  Then Linda teaches the tune and how to play back-up chords in an 11-episode lesson set.

Sign up and you can view the whole series here:

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