New Celtic Backing Track added to the Library!

Backing Track Off She Goes

We are excited to announce a new Ensemble Backing Track in the Celtic vein.  

Off She Goes is a single jig, and we have (3) three different courses to teach this tune:

1.  Hammered Dulcimer

2.  Mountain Dulcimer in DAA Tuning (in two octaves)

3.  Mountain Dulcimer in DAd Tuning (in two octaves)

We have just added an ENSEMBLE Backing Track for you to play along with.  The Ensemble is composed of rhythm guitar, mountain and hammered dulcimers and bodhran (Irish Drum).  Both dulcimers demonstr…

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Moderato in C

by Linda Ratcliff

Moderato in C was written by Fernando Sor for classical guitarists.

However, the exercise lends itself very well to the mountain dulcimer in the D-A-d tuning or you can retune your dulcimer to C-G-c to keep the piece in its original key.

Watch the intro and demonstration below:

This tune will make a great warm-up exercise for your routine.

Demo the whole lesson series here.

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31 Days to Fingerstyle Mastery

by Steve Eulberg

Hi folks! This post is music-related but not dulcimer-specific.

I have had a Patreon Project going since January of 2015.

This fall I decided that I wanted to put together some one-month class offerings that would let people take a single class with daily lessons to work on a specific skill, figuring that if it takes 21 days to set a habit, in 31 days we galvanize it!

So, today I launched my first class: 31 Days to Fingerstyle Mastery (this focuses on 6-String Guitar,…

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Theatricum Botanicum

by Steve Eulberg

While on tour in southern California in August, DulcimerCrossing instructors, Erin Mae Lewis and Steve Eulberg arrived early for their gig, Peter Alsop's Kids Koncerts (Dulcimer-Wellcimer) at the "magical treehouse" of Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum.


Erin took these photos as we prepared for the pre-school kids concert on Sunday morning.

As Erin relates in this highlight video from their recent Concert Window show, Steve was playing this new composition, inspired by the setting, …

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Live Event Highlight!

by Steve Eulberg In January, dulcimercrossing instructors, Steve Eulberg and Erin Mae Lewis, teamed up for a Live Event for at the home of Abby Knaub and family in Lakewood, Colorado. Here is a highlight from the end of the concert:


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