Premium Level Membership

New Video Explains Memberships

by Steve Eulberg DulcimerCrossing's Linda Ratcliff has created a video answering the questions that some people have about the difference between the Premium and the Basic Memberships on our educational website.  Take a look here!

If you have further questions, contact Linda or myself!

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DulcimerCrossing Live Event Concert Window Highlight

We are starting a NEW thing in 2016!  [NOTE:  this is an historical post.  The Live Events are still happening as Live Workshops and are archived on our Live Events page. 4.16.22]

LIVE EVENTS from our Instructors and other Mentors. Last night our co-founder, Steve Eulberg, offered the Inaugural DulcimerCrossing Live Event using the Platform. Below is a Highlight Video from that show. We will be offering these Live Events on a Quarterly Basis for our Basic Membership level.

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