mountain dulcimer

Baaaaaad Habits


Here are some true facts about baaaaad habits.

  • You can play your dulcimer alone or along with others … in spite of bad habits.

  • You can get compliments from people about your dulcimer playing … in spite of bad habits.

  • You can reach some of your goals … in spite of bad habits.

However, when you play your dulcimer with bad habits, you are moving toward an invisible brick wall. Eventually, you’re going to be stopped in your tracks. I’m not making this up. You’re not going to be able to continue advancin…

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Christmas/Holiday-Themed Content


by Steve Eulberg

Christmas/Holiday-themed content

We have compiled a list of our holiday-themed Lessons, Backing Tracks, Workshops, Livestreams and Blogposts

This list can also be found in the top menu on our homepage at Our Offerings.
Let us know which are YOUR favorites in the DulcimerTent Forum

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