4 Equidistant Dulcimer Day


DulcimerCrossing is pleased to host a day-long event that focuses on playing Mountain Dulcimer in  a 4 Equi-distant string set up.

6 Teachers will gather at the beginning of the day with Ashley Ernst, editor and publisher of Dulcimer Players News.

They will each provide a workshop and then join together at the end for a round-robin concert.

All events are held on Saturday, March 11th and take place on Zoom.

Visit the website for more details.

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How to Recover From a Baaaaaaad Performance

You just played the last note in a performance, and you know you messed up. It was bad. You let your nerves get the best of you, and the longer you played, the worse it got. You want to go straight home and lick your wounds. But you can’t just run out the back door. There are people approaching you already … with smiles on their faces. (Why????) What to do … what to do.

  • Accept compliments and congratulations graciously. Even though, to your own ears, the performance sounded like a disaste…

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DulcimerCrossing at Summer Festivals

by Steve Eulberg

You can find DulcimerCrossing Faculty teaching at several Dulcimer Festivals this summer!

Erin Mae Lewis (Mountain) will be teaching at Kentucky Music Week (June 24-29) in Bardstown, Kentucky and at Camp Kiya (July 22-26) in Tehachapi, California.

Don Pedi & Steve Eulberg (Mountain) will be teaching at Dulcimer U (July 22-27) at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

Don Pedi (Mountain) will be teaching at the Swannanoa Old-Time Week (July 15-21) Swannanoa, North …

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DulcimerCrossing Festival Scholarships

by Steve Eulberg & Linda Ratcliff

At we believe in supporting all the ways that students learn to play the music that is in their hearts.  Some people learn better in the privacy of their homes, some with an individual tutor, and some learn best when immersed in a setting that is chock-FULL of music, with people who are engaged in the same pursuit as they are.

For this reason, DulcimerCrossing has provided some full and partial scholarships to selected weekend and week-long du…

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