Avoid Dulcimer Burn-Out

Where does musical burn-out come from? From what I’ve seen, we all start out from the same place.

  1. We want to learn an instrument.
  2. We take lessons.
  3. We keep getting better, day by day.
  4. We leave the house with our instrument and jam with others.
  5. We pursue our musical dreams, some of us with long-range goals.

Our time is filled with playing the dulcimer. We read, eat, breath, live dulcimer music. We put a ton of time into practice, watching tutorials, preparing for contests, attending conc…

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Learning to Learn Free Lesson

by Steve Eulberg We often overlook the basics, don't we? How DO we learn?

] Of course there are many different learning styles and we bounce between them as individuals, but Steve presents some ideas here that you might find helpful in learning new tunes on your instrument. Try them out and let us know how they go for you!

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