I Wonder as I Wander (DAC) by Steve Eulberg

Steve Eulberg has long been taken by this traditional American tune from Appalachia, collected and added to by John Jacob Niles. Here Steve introduces the tune and tells the story and describes how to tune for the Aeolian mode, in which this tune resides.

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Traditional Noter and Drone Style Lessons

by Linda Ratcliff

Traditional Noter Style

NoterStyle Many mountain dulcimer players play their instruments by pressing the fatty pads of their fingertips down on the strings to create the different notes. But there is another option. The traditional, old-time way of playing a mountain dulcimer is to use a noter. Your noter can be anything from the broad side of a popsicle stick to a wooden dowel - or anything around the house that can be used to press down on the strings. In this series of 14 videos, St…

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What is Drone Style?

by Steve Eulberg

Once we have learned the melody of a tune we can begin adding notes in order "fill out" the sound of the tune.  The easiest way to do this is to play "drone style".  This is actually the traditional way to play the old mountain dulcimers which did not have frets that extended all the way across the fretboard, but only were present under the melody strings.

Md DrawingAngle

On the mountain dulcimer, the player plays the melody on the string(s) which are required for the melody and simply strums all…

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