An Encyclopedia of Live Workshops & Concerts Archive


by Steve Eulberg

Linda Ratcliff and I built DulcimerCrossing to be a resource for people like us, who lived beyond the boundaries of the dulcimer world (or sometimes at its edges) in order to support and equip people long to play and enjoy making music for themselves on the instruments they love.

So we have over 200 courses of lessons for mountain and hammered dulcimers, chromatic mountain dulcimers, dulci-bro and fiddle!

And, It just struck me how much MORE rich and full this resource is, ri…

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Live Workshop Archive


In addition to all of our filmed lessons at DulcimerCrossing, we also have been hosting Monthly Live Workshops from a variety of respected hammered dulcimer players/educators for years.  Workshop and Mentor Level students have access both to these live workshops AND the Video Archive replay of the Workshops for later.  DIY members can upgrade to Workshop and attend for half-the-price of the ala carte ticket.

Others can purchase an ala carte ticket for a particular subject or instructor and also…

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Resonator Dulcimer Day!

Faculty Concert DulciBro Resonator Dulcimer Day

Resonator Dulcimer (DulciBro) Day

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Mark Alan Wade teaches Arranging in January Live Workshop


Mark Alan Wade is the featured instructor for our January Live Workshop at 5 pm MST on Thursday, Jan 20th.

Concert-Ready O’Carolan

We learn by doing, so rather than talking about arranging, let’s do some arranging! I have prepared for you a great arrangement of a tune by O’Carolan that used all of the tactics I teach in arranging. We will learn how to put it all together, and more importantly, discuss why the arrangement elements are there and what they do for the listener. I’ll keep the pla…

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Live Concert/Workshop This Saturday

by Linda Ratcliff

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” - Albert Einstein

Erin Mae Lewis, who teaches Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer Lessons on DulcimerCrosing is giving a special Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer Workshop!
(Erin holding her NEW Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia)

Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer Chord Workshop with Erin Mae Saturday, November 18th 8:00 am PST | 9:00 am MS…

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