DulcimerCrossing as a Way to Invest in Yourself


by Steve Eulberg

Investing in your own musical growth and development only takes your decisions:

1. To try it

2.  To try it again

3.  To learn how to remember what you've tried

4.  To discover what you DON'T get or don't (yet) understand

5.  To search for the answers to decision #4.

6.  To connect with others who may be a step ahead of you on the path

7.  To connect with others who are well-traveled guides on this path.


ALL of us who teach at DulcimerCrossing have faced and made these…

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Deep Dive


Deep Dive


by Mitch Gallagher, editor of SweetNotes from

I'm going to make an assumption:

In one regard, at least, you're like me; you love music—playing it, listening to it, writing it, learning about it.

It's on your mind all the time.

Doesn't matter what music, as long as it's good (I know, subjective word), I love it—or at least appreciate it!

And again, if you're like me, therein lies a problem.

There's so much music, so much to learn, so much to practice—it's easy to…

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Certificates of Completion


New DulcimerCrossing Feature: 

Certificates Awarded for Completion of Courses!

We are excited to provide a celebration of your accomplishments when you complete 


(and mark as complete) each one of our over 200 Courses on DulcimerCrossing. 

The Certificates look like this:


We all know that a significant challenge for us as learners is to stay with the learning process and every bit of support we can get will help us reach our goal of: 

"Bridging the Gap between what you know and where…

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New Feature: Sample Lessons

NEW FEATURE: Sample Lessons


We've added a new feature on our website:  Sample Lessons by several of our instructors for each of the instruments for which we teach Courses.

Click here to Sample them!

Mountain Dulcimer:

These are sample mountain dulcimer lessons from DulcimerCrossing's curriculum, one from each level we teach:

Absolute Beginning-Level 1-Steve Eulberg

Beyond Beginning-Level 2-Butch Ross

Intermediate-Level 3-Neal Hellman

Advanced-Level 4-Nina Zanetti

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Breakin' Up Christmas


Breakin' Up Christmas is an Old Time Fiddle tune in the key of A that was played on the Twelfth Night of the Christmas as an energetic completion of the celebration of the season, leading into Epiphany.

We are excited to have (2) Different Courses by Steve Eulberg teaching this tune on DulcimerCrossing:

Hammered Dulcimer


Mountain Dulcimer


       Baritone Mountain Dulcimer AEa tuning (and Standard Mountain Dulcimer in DAd tuning with Capo, and Standard in DAA and EAA Tunings)


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Cockleburs in Your Practice

You may remember, about 6 weeks ago, we got a new family member – Mikaela. What a cute little bundle of love she was ... 2-1/2 pounds of black fur, with beautiful brown streaks running through her hair. In the sunlight, she actually looked like she had been to the beauty shop to have her hair highlighted.

Because Parvo virus cases have been on the rise in the Rio Grande Valley recently, our vet would not allow us to take her outside to play in the grass. However, last Friday she said Mikaela …

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New Blues Backing Tracks added to the Library


I am excited to the announce the addition of SIX (6) brand-new Blues backing tracks in 6 different keys.  These are all played at 117 bpm (beats per minute).  The tracks were created with guitar, dulci-Bro and drumkit and are located in our Backing Tracks Library

All levels of membership have access to this library and can download the tracks as well as the PDF chord charts that accompany them.

Making use of the Pentatonic Minor Scales for each key and/or the Blues Scales for each key, players…

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Getting Closer to the Launch!

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 12.54.08 PM

We are getting much closer to the launch of the new DulcimerCrossing Platform!

In design and planning since December 2019, and under construction for more than a year, we have sent out Beta Testers through the site to give us feedback and they are giving us both kudos and some key suggestions and design tweaks to help our subscribers' experience of learning the music they wish to play on their instruments.

Our staff has been working feverishly this summer to move all of the lesson content from…

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Leap Forward with Matthew Dickerson today!

National Hammered Dulcimer Champion and DulcimerCrossing instructor, Matthew Dickerson, will share his knowledge and experience in our March Leap Forward in Your Musical Understanding Live Event for Premium Members today.

Log in with your Premium Membership to access this lesson today:

4 pm PDT | 5 pm MDT | 6 pm CDT | 7 pm EDT

That Membership also lets you view the Archive Videos of the previous lessons:

Circle of 5ths/Ionian Mode Week 1

Dorian Mode Week 2

Aeolian Mode Week 3


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Leap Forward Week 3

Performance Tasks/Learning Objectives from this lesson:

1. Find an E Aeolian Scale (Natural/Pure Minor) on your instrument 

2. Use that knowledge to Play God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen or Wayfaring Stranger

3. Name the notes that the student used to play this scale

4. Define the Aeolian scale 

5. For Mountain Dulcimer: What do I have and what Drones do I need?

A. If I use a Capo how do I tune and where do I start?

B. How can I re-tune and play Aeolian in some different Keycenters?


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