Introducing Carmen Amrein a new Teacher at DulcimerCrossing.


Our newest Teacher to join the faculty of DulcimerCrossing is Carmen Amrein who lives in Munich, Germany.  

Carmen was able to study the playing of the German Hackbrett, the 5th-tuned German Hackbrett (in flat keys to accompany accordions and folk music, and the Italian Salterio at the University in Munich.  She and other graduate have put together the annual Hackbrett Festival (the 3rd version of that festival is coming up in May.)

We are excited that she offered a Live Workshop for us in Mar…

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Our Teacher's Introductory Videos


Here are some DulcimerCrossing Updates

1.  Our Teachers' Introductory videos have been added to the Our Teachers page!

2.  We've also added a link to Our Teachers Page in the Menu of the Members' Page when sorting Courses By Teacher.


We are constantly working to make the site serve you as you continue to grow and develop your musical skills.  And your suggestions are both helpful and welcome!

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New Teacher, New Lessons!

by Steve Eulberg

We are pleased to welcome Karen Mueller to the faculty of DulcimerCrossing. Enshrined in the International Autoharp Hall of Fame, she is also an awarded and well-respected performer and teacher of the mountain dulcimer.

Watch the video she made to introduce herself to our students.

Karen's first lesson is Johnny Don't Get Drunk.

Remember, subscribers to get access to ALL of the lessons in this series, as well as EVERY OTHER LESSON SERIES, 24/7!

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New Mountain Dulcimer Instructor

by Steve Eulberg We are pleased to welcome Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering Director and Freight and Salvage Dulcimer Teacher, Deborah (DJ) Hamouris, to our roster of instructors at DulcimerCrossing. Deborah introduces herself here:

Deborah joins our faculty of 15 respected and gifted instructors of mountain and hammered dulcimer and fiddle. We are filming and editing his lessons and they will be available for all subscribers on Subscribe and you'll have unlimited acces…

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Are You a Teacher?

by Linda Ratcliff

A good teacher is like a candle.  It consumes itself to light the way for others. - Unknown

Are You a Teacher?
Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up soon on May 8, 2018. If you are a dulcimer student with an awesome teacher, you might want to start thinking of a way you could surprise your teacher on this occasion. Maybe you could learn a new tune - all on your own. Or maybe you could give your teacher a handmade gift certificate for a dinner out with you; the gift of time i…

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Teacher or Self-Taught?

by Linda Ratcliff
A self-taught man usually has a poor teacher and a worse student. - Henry Youngman  

Teacher or Self-Taught?
I am pretty much self taught. Peggy Carter got me started with a few lessons in Houston. And then I joined Rick Thum’s Song of the Month Club to learn several jammin’ tunes over time. And I had the opportunity to attend a few festivals in the early days. But, for the most part, my arrangements are self taught. 
What do you think ... is that the best way to go?
I went …

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