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Jam Tracks added to the Backing Tracks Library


by Steve Eulberg

Jam Tracks added to the Backing Tracks Library

There have been several updates that we've been making to the Backing Tracks Library in DulcimerCrossing this past year.  In addition to NEW TRACKS, we've added the description of the track so players know whether there is an introduction or not, and how many times the track is repeated.

As I have spent more time in this library, it is clear that several of our tracks are aimed toward LEARNING and others are aimed at JAMMIN…

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Christmas/Holiday-Themed Content


by Steve Eulberg

Christmas/Holiday-themed content

We have compiled a list of our holiday-themed Lessons, Backing Tracks, Workshops, Livestreams and Blogposts

This list can also be found in the top menu on our homepage at Our Offerings.
Let us know which are YOUR favorites in the DulcimerTent Forum

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Enhanced Audio Playback Feature


We are excited to announce the enhancement of the Playback feature for all the mp3 files in DulcimerCrossing:  in the Backing Tracks Library and in the Lessons in the Courses.

There has always been the ability to increase the speed of the track, and if you click through the 1x symbol on the playback track it will scroll to faster speeds,

until it scrolls to .5x (or half speed) which was the ONLY slower speed available.  Our request to enhance this feature has been honored and implemented!


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New Blues Backing Tracks added to the Library


I am excited to the announce the addition of SIX (6) brand-new Blues backing tracks in 6 different keys.  These are all played at 117 bpm (beats per minute).  The tracks were created with guitar, dulci-Bro and drumkit and are located in our Backing Tracks Library

All levels of membership have access to this library and can download the tracks as well as the PDF chord charts that accompany them.

Making use of the Pentatonic Minor Scales for each key and/or the Blues Scales for each key, players…

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Backing Track Library in it's new home!

Backing Tracks Library in its new home! 

by Steve Eulberg

As another step in the transition from our Legacy Site to our new Platform, Steve has gotten all of the Backing Tracks Library moved and set up for use by ALL members of the site.

The organization of the Library is very similar to what it has been and can be found at the menu at the top of the page when you are logged into the site and can be sorted the way it always has been:


You may notice that the actual number of tracks that app…

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More Backing Tracks for Premium Members!

by Steve Eulberg

We continue to add to the Backing Tracks Library on  We now have over 250 special tracks in this collection. BacktrackingTracksP2 This library is sortable by all of the categories at the top of the list and all of the blue text are links to support using each track. Not familiar with Backing Tracks and how to use them?  Here is an introduction I filmed:

All Premium Members have access to all the Backing Tracks all the time!  Sign up  today!

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