4 Equidistant String Dulcimer Resources

General4Equidistant 2024

We've discovered that every time we host a day-long event that we end up uncovering and sharing a great many resources.

Here is what we want to share with everyone from the 4 Equidistant Dulcimer Day 2024:

Youtube Playlist 4 Equidistant

We had a breakout room during the midday lunch/conversation/sharing time which included people who wanted to explore the DPN Archives with Stephen Seifert.

Click here to see some of what they found:   

DPN ARCHIVES 4 Equidistant

Another breakout room li…

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4 Equidistant Dulcimer Day


DulcimerCrossing is pleased to host a day-long event that focuses on playing Mountain Dulcimer in  a 4 Equi-distant string set up.

6 Teachers will gather at the beginning of the day with Ashley Ernst, editor and publisher of Dulcimer Players News.

They will each provide a workshop and then join together at the end for a round-robin concert.

All events are held on Saturday, March 11th and take place on Zoom.

Visit the website for more details.

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Chord Wizard Tool

by Steve Eulberg

Have you ever wondered how to find a particular chord you are looking for?  You might be familiar with a couple of fingerings for your favorite chords, but then there is that "weird" one that the music calls for and your musical chord theory is a bit rusty.

This one is for you!  Tom Strothers has created this interactive webpage as tools to help mountain dulcimer players.

Diatonic Chord Wizard This page has an interactive Fret Finder Tool, below which is a tool to find the notes on…

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