Give the Gift of Dulcimer Lessons!

by Steve Eulberg

Finding just the right gift for someone who plays dulcimers can be difficult because the preferred instruments and accessories are so personal.  My father-in-law once said that about camera lenses when I asked to have one as a gift; and he was right!  They can't be picked off of the rack—they have to be tailored to each individual.

So here is the perfect gift: support and challenge that nurtures each individual's growing skill-set and helps them play the music they want to play, in the way they want to play it.  That's what we aim to deliver in our lessons at

Yes, these lessons are pre-recorded, but we are using the experience of teaching in our private studios, the questions and insights gained from our students, and adjusting our lessons based on the feedback from our subscribing students to tailor them to fit.

At dulcimercrossing, we can help you give that kind of gift to the dulcimer player in your life!  We now have Gift Certificates for lessons.

Here's all you need to do:

Click the Gift Certificate link, print out the PDF, fill in the blanks, and print your own copy.   Contact us for payment details and we'll set it up.  Then slip it into an envelope or a Christmas card and your gift is ready to be received.

(And you know what?  If you want to give yourself the gift of these lessons and slip it into your own stocking, we won't tell!)



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