Evart Hammered Dulcimer Jam in the Teacher's Tent!

by Steve Eulberg The Evart Funfest which happens in the 3rd week of July in the heart of Osceola County, Michigan, gathers amazing musicians. Under the teacher's tent, by John and Sharon Skaryd's camper, there are day and night-long jams and fun conversations, both vocal and musical!  Here DeeDee Tibbits, Linda Foley (both from Michigan) and Chuck Boody (from Minnesota) are leading this celtic-style tune while others are also welcomed in.

I just played with DeeDee at the Kentucky Music Week, Linda's teaching book with Sarah Johnson (Square One, Books 1 and 2) is the one I've used with countless of my hammered dulcimer students, and Chuck's broad collections of tunes are a treasure.  One afternoon he held a reading session to read through a new collection he is compiling of tunes with harmonies, as Paul Goelz added an improvised cello line.  Heavenly! 



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