What Do I Want to Accomplish Today?

AmFlag_smby Linda Ratcliff

Sometimes I practice from a list.  For example, right now every chance I get, I am playing through all the patriotic tunes I know – since the 4th of July is right around the corner.

However, just playing through my list isn't the same thing as practicing.

Before I begin to practice, I need to think more about what I want to accomplish with my limited practice time.

Maybe I should focus more on the patriotic tune I find the hardest, breaking it down line by line.

Maybe I should start and end with that tune.

Or maybe I should focus on the one I play the best, polishing it so I can play with more confidence.

Maybe I should shorten my list to only the best arrangements,

or maybe I should add some new tunes to my list to expand my repertoire.

Whatever the answers are to these questions, it is certain that your practice time will yield more results if you spend time planning what you really want to accomplish before you begin.


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Excellent advice! Sometimes you get caught up in the "got to learn this because the group is".....that takes the fun out of playing. You should enjoy your practice....not dread it. Start with one of your favorites.....then go from there...you can use this as a spring board to your accomplishment plan.......Thanks Linda for your advice
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