Music is the Best Medicine

ListeningtoMusicDuringSurgery.pngby Linda Ratcliff

Researchers at Brunel University in the United Kingdom studied the relationship between music and patients undergoing surgery.

The study followed about 7,000 patients, and discovered that patients who listened to music before and after their surgery recovered more quickly than those who didn’t. In addition, they found that those who listened to music depended less on their painkillers.

So, I am wondering – what about patients who PLAY music?

Could there be an increase in recovery time for patients who play an instrument, rather than merely listening?

A 2013 study from McGill University’s Psychology Department found that playing and listening to music can improve your body's immune system.

Also, it cuts down your levels of stress, as it reduces the amount of cortisol — “the stress hormone” — in your body.

Spend more time with your instrument.  It’s good for you.



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