Upcoming Lesson: Playing with a Backing Track

Coming soon from the DulcimerCrossing editing bay: A new lesson series with coaching and suggestions for playing along with a Blues Backing Track. Using the example from the Backing Track Library for our members, Steve Eulberg demonstrates the power of the Pentatonic Minor Scale as a strategy for playing along with recorded music (without any written tablature!)

PlayingBluesCoversFrontIf you really want to dig in deep and understand what is going on inside the blues and how the mountain dulcimer is particularly well-suited for playing blues, you might be interested in Steve's book/CD:  Playing the Blues on the Mountain Dulcimer This book/CD is available as an interactive PDF (useable on your iPad or tablet) available as a  download or as a hard-copy in spiral binding (the traditional way!) All of these resources are designed to help you play your blues into the corner for awhile!



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