Ask Questions

by Linda Ratcliff

A truly wise man always has more questions than answers. - Wilson from Home Improvements

Ask Questions
Your sub-conscious works day and night to answer any questions you ask. So asking yourself open-ended questions puts the sub-conscious to work. Answers often come "out of the blue", as ideas or notions that you might not have had otherwise. When practicing, why don't you put your subconscious mind to work by asking questions about your progress?  

Below is a series of questions you could ask yourself when practicing. You don't need to ask them all. Just pick a few that seem relevant to you. Listen to yourself closely - maybe even record yourself - and see what answers you get.

1. How steady and even can I make my tempo? 2. Am I playing this up to speed yet? 3. Can I connect my notes better, make it smoother? 4. Can I play all the way through without any mistakes? 5. Do I find the suggested fingering easy or is there a better way for me? 6. Am I standing or sitting correctly when I play? Is my posture correct? 7. Do I know the background for this tune so I can tell the story? 8. Am I enjoying myself?

Which question do you think is the most important?

As for me, "Am I having fun? Am I enjoying myself?" is the deal-breaker.

If you have any questions, always feel free to ask Steve or myself.
Happy dulcimering, Linda
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