When I am frustrated with my progress, (or lack of it)....

...This quote from Judy Klinkhammer comes to mind:

"What a curse it is, that the only thing you ever do is exactly what you choose to do."

- Judy Klinkhammer

Judy was an amazing fixture in the community of Mountain View, Arkansas, bringing and treasuring the mountain dulcimer in this northeast corner of the Ozark mountains.  She loved equipping absolute beginners AND singing harmony.  She was an indefatigable encourager, but as her wisdom shows, she knew that the impetus for playing must always come from the student.

Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast features a two-episode series about her musical life that is very enjoyable.

—Quoted by Jonathan Dowell to Amber Rogers   2.22.17

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Watch and listen to Judy Sing:


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Thank you, although I did not know this woman, this video pulled at my heart strings. Having such connection to people is something very very special.
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