Rich Chords Part 1 & 2

by Linda Ratcliff & Steve Eulberg

Your life will be richer when you use rich chords. - Steve Eulberg

Recently, we uploaded a new series of lessons about how to play Rich Chords on the hammered dulcimer. Rich chords are chords that have other notes added to them, in addition to the 3 notes that go with either the major or the minor chords. To set the stage for building rich chords, in this video Steve begins the series by explaining the basis or construction of major and minor chords.

As you work your way through Rich Chords Part 1 and Rich Chords Part 2, you will learn to identify and play major 7th chords, dominant 7th chords, 6th chords, minor 7th chords and more. Toward the end the series, Steve applies everything we've learned to the old familiar tune, "You Are My Sunshine." The arrangement in his final video of the series was my favorite - where he used dominant 7th chords to create a "bluesified" rendition of this well-known song. As always Members of have access to all of the episode in this lesson series.  Join here



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