Mimi and Richard Fariña

by Steve Eulberg What a time in which to live!  The archive of so many treasures is available with a few clicks or keystrokes. Pete Seeger hosted a television series in 1965-66 that had a very limited audience in the New York and New Jersey areas, called Rainbow Quest. There was no studio audience yet Pete interacts with the camera as if it is an actual audience as he told stories and sang. He had many guests and in this episode he hosted Mimi and Richard Fariña having met and heard them play and sing at the Newport Folk Festival recently.  Many episodes have been uploaded to Youtube and preserve a national treasure of American folk musicians. Enjoy this one!

Richard Fariña's dulcimer playing influenced many West coast players (e.g. Robert Force, Neal Hellman) as well as others across the country, despite his tragic death at such a young age.



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