Shop Visit: Blue Lion Dulcimers

by Steve Eulberg A few years back my spouse, Connie, and I had a warm and welcoming visit with Janita and Bob Baker of Blue Lion Instruments in Santa Margarita, California. ConnieBobJanita Watching people work through their rhythms and share their craft is a treasure and joy (for me: especially when there is a sawdust smell!) janitasawmotion_crop A hallmark of these beautiful mountain dulcimers is the inlay that Janita creates for the fretboards, at the request of the new owners of the instruments.  (Picture above) But these hand-crafted instruments are also beautiful in tone and in well-earned reputation.  The "secrets" of how this happens are actually not secret to anyone who builds wooden instruments.  Patience, attention to detail, good materials, thoughtful design. I am excited to share this video here:



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