Nylon-String Mountain Dulcimer!

by Steve Eulberg

I am so excited to introduce you to this brand-new instrument. I have been waiting for it for over a year and it is finally here!

Robert Stephens of South Carolina (StephensLutherie.com) has been working with Aaron O'Rourke (of Chattanooga, TN) to develop a new fingerstyle dulcimer that can also work when strung with nylon strings.

Below is my happy introduction of this beauty to you!

Several lessons featuring this instrument for the Fingerstyle and Classical series on DulcimerCrossing.com are in development.




Great video Steve. Love the sound and song choice. Thanks so much. Bob Sears
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Steve Eulberg

HI Lee, yes, I LOVE mine: https://www.stephenslutherie.com/. Tell Robert I sent you! Steve Eulberg
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Lee Boekhout

I heard of the ongoing development of the nylon string dulcimer over two years ago, and have heard nothing since. This morning, while visiting the Bob O'Rourke website, I heard him play an instrument that had an unusual but beautiful sound. Then, reading his information, he spoke of a nylon stringed dulcimer, and here I am. Has the instrument gone up for sale yet? Any other information would be appreciated. ' Lee Boekhout
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