Musical Advent Devotion featuring dulcimers.

by Steve Eulberg

The season of Advent, the time of preparation before Christmas, is upon us. In the Christian world it begins to and continues until the twelve days of Christmas begin on December 25th.

I have created a series of daily emails with Advent music that you can receive as a focusing accompaniment during this season. And they feature a LOT of dulcimers, too!

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My dulcimer colleague, Ariane Klauer, from Germany has created another way to do this as well!

Following the tradition of an Advent Calendar which has doors to open on each of the days of Advent, she invited dulcimer players across the world to provide a video playing their favorite Advent/Christmas Tune.

Advent Calendar, each door opening to provide a video of a dulcimer playing a seasonal tune!

Bookmark this URL so you can return to it daily and have a new blessed surprise!



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