Leap Forward Week 2 Homework

Here is the Handout for this week's Class.

Student Assessment Lesson 2 Leap Forward in Your Music Understanding


1. Compare what we did in Dorian of E to Dorian of D

2. Look through your music and see if you can identify what key the songs are and whether or not they are in the Dorian (Mountain Minor) Mode.

3. Play Along with the Backing Tracks Library on DulcimerCrossing (listed above). 

4. Report back with questions, insights, “aha” experiences in the comment section of the Homework Week 2 post on the Blog  The password is: leapforward

Resources Needed:

Link to Music Theory #4 & Music Theory #5 in Free stuff on DulcimerCrossing.com

Visualization of the Dorian scale on Hammered Dulcimer (box) 

Visualization on Mountain Dulcimer DAA (Capo 1: frets 4-11) & DAd (Capo 1: frets 1-8 w/ 6+)

Dorian Scales on Mountain Dulcimer, E Dorian on Mountain Dulcimer, D Dorian on Mountain Dulcimer

Drunken Sailor Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain DAA, Mountain DAd

Scarborough Faire Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain DAA, Mountain DAd

Use the Page above for your Self-Assessment based on Student Performance Tasks. Write any questions or "aha" experiences in the comment section below.

Here also is the archive video of this class:



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Erin Mae

QUESTION from a student: I'm confused about some entries on the third page of the "Diatonic Chords with D Key Signature" handout (the page titled "Diatonic Chords Using Parallel D Comparison.") On the Phrygian and Locrian scales, the b7 step is listed as c#m. Shouldn't a flat-7th of a D-scale use a C-natural? Are these typos, or am I missing something important?
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