DulcimerCrossing Teachers at the QuaranTUNE Festival 5.0 in October


DulcimerCrossing.com is proud, once again, to be a Gold Sponsor for the 5th QuaranTUNE Dulcimer Festival which happens online October 7-10th this year.

We have a long history of providing sponsorship and scholarship support to festivals across the country because we know that there is no substitute for in-person learning.

We are also excited that several of our teachers are providing workshops for this festival!

Erin Mae Lewis

Butch Ross

Don Pedi

Nina Zanetti

Karen Mueller

DJ Hamouris

Larry and Elaine Conger

Aubrey Atwater, and

our co-founder, Steve Eulberg.

Registration opens tomorrow (Sun, Sept 5th) at 4 pm EDT, but you can prepare for that today!



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