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Wow.  Linda and I have been working on creating, maintaining, publicizing and updating the resource of DulcimerCrossing since 2009.

After a year-long soft-launch in 2010, we opened up the gates in 2011.

One year, on July 1st, we woke up to discover that because Adobe (who created Flash Technology) and Apple (who created the Safari Browser) were having a squabble, none of the lessons on our website were working! 

We had spent a good deal of time adding all of our filmed lessons to a video player that depended upon the Flash Technology.  Linda had created all of the Animations to show where to hammer or where to place your fingers, in Flash Technology. 

And so, in a frantic burst of energy and a wise future-based decision, we moved ALL of our videos to be hosted on, where they would not be dependent upon the different technological struggles and squabbles of the marketplace.  In addition, our host spends a good bit of energy maintaining their servers, communicating with us whenever there are outages or issues, and quickly fixing and communicating to us about the service re-instatement.  AND, they are working to render and offer videos in different resolutions according to the end user's platform and internet speed.

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Yet after 10 years, it was clear that the dependable chassis upon which this dynamic resource had been built, was showing cracks and signs of wear, and the updating became quite a huge undertaking. 

Therefore we began to search for a platform (Simplero) which would make the updating easier, and bring all of our systems into a single location for the possibility of better and easier customer service, as well as enabling us to create a curated environment where we could offer courses that can equip players of all level, PLUS adding monthly LIVE workshops and the possibility of individual PRIVATE lessons with our teachers.

We have added all of our current members to the new website, with the access to the highest level of membership in order to afford everyone the opportunity to sample all the levels to better make their decision about which level to choose going forward.

That transition period is ending today (Sept 30, 2021).

Beginning tomorrow (Oct 1, 2021), our Legacy Site ( will no longer be functional.  All of the lessons and resources have been transferred to our current platform which has this NEW address:

If you need assistance in making your choice and setting up your payment method in the new system, please contact Steve at

Thank you for letting us accompany and equip you on your musical journey!

Steve Eulberg





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