Mark Alan Wade teaches Arranging in January Live Workshop


Mark Alan Wade is the featured instructor for our January Live Workshop at 5 pm MST on Thursday, Jan 20th.

Concert-Ready O’Carolan

We learn by doing, so rather than talking about arranging, let’s do some arranging! I have prepared for you a great arrangement of a tune by O’Carolan that used all of the tactics I teach in arranging. We will learn how to put it all together, and more importantly, discuss why the arrangement elements are there and what they do for the listener. I’ll keep the playing level needed on the easier side, so we can focus on understanding how to manipulate the arrangement to achieve desired outcomes. By the end of the hour, you will not only be able to play this arrangement, but be able to apply these techniques to your own pieces.

This is a Hammered Dulcimer-Focused Workshop.  (Steve & Erin Mae will provide Mountain Dulcimer translation.)

(Workshop and Mentor Level members get automatic access to this workshop, as well as the archived replay video.  When you log in, choose Upcoming Events in the Live Events Menu and click on the orange View More link and then the blue Join here link.)

If you are NOT a member of DulcimerCrossing or are a DIY member, you can purchase a ticket on the front page for this one-time workshop and its archived video replay or click this link.



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