New Celtic Backing Track added to the Library!

Backing Track Off She Goes

We are excited to announce a new Ensemble Backing Track in the Celtic vein.  

Off She Goes is a single jig, and we have (3) three different courses to teach this tune:

1.  Hammered Dulcimer

2.  Mountain Dulcimer in DAA Tuning (in two octaves)

3.  Mountain Dulcimer in DAd Tuning (in two octaves)

We have just added an ENSEMBLE Backing Track for you to play along with.  The Ensemble is composed of rhythm guitar, mountain and hammered dulcimers and bodhran (Irish Drum).  Both dulcimers demonstrate melody and back up playing.

Backing Track Off She Goes

As demonstrated above, the new Track is found between the PDF files in the Backing Track Library for the tune Off She Goes.

All Members can Click Here to Have fun!



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