Introducing Carmen Amrein a new Teacher at DulcimerCrossing.


Our newest Teacher to join the faculty of DulcimerCrossing is Carmen Amrein who lives in Munich, Germany.  

Carmen was able to study the playing of the German Hackbrett, the 5th-tuned German Hackbrett (in flat keys to accompany accordions and folk music, and the Italian Salterio at the University in Munich.  She and other graduate have put together the annual Hackbrett Festival (the 3rd version of that festival is coming up in May.)

We are excited that she offered a Live Workshop for us in March (which is archived in our Past Events page.)

She has begun filming lessons on technique and will also be adding lessons on the hackbrett and the salterio as well as the 5th-tuned dulcimer.

Wilkommen, Carmen!

Her Introductory video has been added to the Our Teachers page!



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