Are You Doing It Backwards?

Our granddaughter sent us this photo of our first great grandbaby. Isn’t he a cutie? BUT, he’s holding his popsicle upside-down. Backwards. What’s up with that? I guess he’s still got a few things to learn. But so do we!

Have you ever felt like you are doing it all backwards? For example, have you ever done your dusting AFTER you vacuumed? What about folks who attempt the more difficult ski slopes before they’ve learned to stay upright on the beginner slopes? They’re getting a bit ahead of themselves, aren’t they? On a more serious (and dangerous) note, some of us have taken out loans and/or used our credit cards to spend money we didn’t have. Yet. We thought that would make us happier.

Sometimes this backwards approach affects our ability to learn to play an instrument. We get in a hurry and tend to put the cart before the horse. We attempt to learn the more difficult pieces before we’ve got the basics under our belt. We address this issue at Dulcimer Crossing with our group of teaching series for “Absolute Beginners.” I had played dulcimer for at least 15+ years when Steve taped this series of videos and, I have to say, I went through every video, one by one, and still learned new things – basics that I had missed in my own hit & miss method of learning to play.

If you’re like me, more self-taught than anything, there just might be some basics you’ve never heard before. If you are a Dulcimer Crossing member, I recommend that you backtrack and go through the Absolute Beginners series. We offer this series for mountain dulcimer players as well as hammered dulcimer, dulci-bro, and chromatic dulcimer players. If you aren’t registered with us as a member, you can also take the “Absolute Beginners” course as a stand-alone lesson.

Just click HERE to get started. (

Let’s backtrack for a bit so that, when we move forward again, we will play so much better that we even amaze ourselves.



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