Enhanced Audio Playback Feature


We are excited to announce the enhancement of the Playback feature for all the mp3 files in DulcimerCrossing:  in the Backing Tracks Library and in the Lessons in the Courses.

There has always been the ability to increase the speed of the track, and if you click through the 1x symbol on the playback track it will scroll to faster speeds,

until it scrolls to .5x (or half speed) which was the ONLY slower speed available.  Our request to enhance this feature has been honored and implemented!

This has now been upgraded to allow these slower speeds as well:

.75x, .8x and .9x

Furthermore, it is important to note that if there are more audio tracks on the page that you are viewing, the choice you make will affect ALL of the tracks on that page, until you change them again.

Now, when the speed of the track doesn't match your preference, YOU have more ability to change it so you can play along at the speed with which you are more accustomed and comfortable!



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